Publicaciones Representativas

Publicaciones representativas

Xolocotzin Eligio Ulises., Pretelín Ricárdez, Ángel. (2015). Exploring the historical development of computer games research in mathematics educations. En. 12th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching. University of Algarve, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faro, Portugal, p.p. 241-248.

Xolocotzin Eligio Ulises., Rojano Teresa., (2015). The development and arithmetic foundations of early functional thinking. En. Proceeding of the ninth congress of the European society for research in mathematics education (CERME9). Eds. Konrad Krainer, Nad´a Vondrová. Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education and ERME, Prague, Czech Republic., 488-494.

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Volume 28, Issue 6, November 2012, Pages 2046-2054.

Tim Jay and Ulises Xolocotzin. (2012). Mathematics and economic activity in primary school children. PME 36 Taiwan 2012.

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Libros especializados de investigación publicados por editoriales de prestigio

Xolocotzin, U., (2017). An overview of the growth and trends of current research on emotions and mathematics. En: Xolocotzin,U., (Ed.). Understanding Emotions in Mathematical Thinking and Learning. Academic Press Publications. ISBN: 978-0-12-802218-4., p.p. 03-41.

Ulises Xolocotzin Eligio. Understanding Emotions in Mathematical Thinking and Learning. Elsevier, Academic Press 2017, Primera edición, ISBN 978-0-12-802218-4.

Capítulos de investigación original en libros especializados

Ulises Xolocotzin, Chloe Shu-Hua Yeh and Sibel Erduran. Emotional modulation of perspective taking: Implications for computer-supported argumentation. Tettegah, S. (Ed). Emotions and technology: Communication of feeling through, with and for technology. Emotions, Learning, Technology. 2016: 3-20.

Xolocotzin Eligio Ulises., Jay Tim. (2015). Breaking barriers between out-of-school and classroom mathematics with documenting. En Mobile Learning and Mathematics: foundations, design, and case studies. Ed. Helen Crompton and John Traxler., p.p. 86-95.

Obtención de la Newton Advanced Fellowship de la British Academy. Proyecto “Individual Differences in Attention in the Mathematics Classroom”,
Convenio firmado por la University of Loughborough y el Cinvestav –IPN         (2017).

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